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Random Favourites

I sit here watching the stars
Wondering if anything I've ever done
Was actually the right thing to do
Was it right?
I could have said I liked you
But that's not me, I'm different
My heart speaks wild
Words are just noise
Can I show you how you make me feel?
I like the way you smell
And you make my heart jump
It pounds for your touch
And the way you make me feel
My stomach does somersaults
My breathing grows quick and shallow
You make me crazy...
And I love it all, I love you
I just can't tell you that
I don't really know how too
Maybe one day when I learn to speak
Is when I can say how you make me feel
:iconblackwolfds:BlackWolfDS 6 9
Where did you go?
Your black and white fur
Hard padded paws
And lonesome howl
You have disappeared
Slowly fading from my life
Stress, anger, frustration
Is that why you are no more?
Your warm comforting fur
No longer visible
Your desires, wishes, and needs
Have all but dissipated into air
I don’t know what to do…
I feel like I have come undone
Soul strands left untwisted
Visible proof your no longer there
How I wish to feel your fur
Your howl echoing in my mind
Your ancient desires coursing beneath
You have left me empty inside
So now…I wait my wolf
I will wait for your return
And if you do not come…
I will search for you until I die
:iconblackwolfds:BlackWolfDS 8 19
Pack doesn't have to live close by
Pack don't always have to talk
Pack doesn't have to be about hierarchy
There are no alphas, betas or omegas
It's not about who leads
Or who follows who
It's not about what you think is wrong
Or what I think is right
It's about love and concern for one another
It's about understanding and trust
It's about being with those who care for you
And you care in equal strides
Our packs are different
Because we value others in different ways
Not everyone in my pack knows one another
But I would answer their calls all the same
Just like I would answer yours, my friend
We are pack now without a doubt
I will watch your back because I care
Because I know you would too
Because we are friends
:iconblackwolfds:BlackWolfDS 8 19
These aged old eyes of mine
Have seen much through the years
From cubs growing into wolves
To pack mates slowing passing on
Oh what I have seen
That was in the past you see…
In the memories of yesterday
Now my eyes have dulled
Grown tired and old
They have lost the power of sight
Fearsome some might say
For sight is our entire world
And to be plunged into darkness
Is a fear as worse as death
Empty fears faded with the light
As the darkness claimed my eyes
I cannot see like I once did
But none the less…
I can still see
I can feel the warmth of summer’s sun
And the ice breath of winter’s wrath
I can see the truth in one’s voice
And I can see the love in one’s soul
True I have lost my sight
My connection to the world of light
But I have gained something more---
The ability to see the world in reality
Rather than in a light warped by darkness
:iconblackwolfds:BlackWolfDS 14 11
Don’t run and fight
Hold your fangs
Sheath your claws
Just breath
Keep your mind clear
Think before you act
Look before you leap
Just breath
Feel the cool air
The thought of reason
Let it fill your lungs
Just breath
Look to the horizon
At the setting sun
And smile quietly
Just breath
Everything will be ok
As long as you keep it cool
Howl it to the moon
Then…just breath
:iconblackwolfds:BlackWolfDS 15 37
Wild Spirit
Stuffed inside a little box
Crammed until it hurts
The howl is welling up
This time it can’t be stopped
Shaking it’s little wood frame
This howl is coming out
Up to the sky and moon
It will be heard by all
No longer will I sit back and watch
No longer will I be struck down
I will fight back
I will find my light and freedom
Your chains can no longer hold me
Your box can no longer contain me
My wild spirit is uncontrollable
And it’s the way things should be
:iconblackwolfds:BlackWolfDS 22 24
Pack Letter
Se•cret (Adjective): [ Something ] done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others.
Everyone has a secret.
Something kept tucked away in the corner of our minds. Things we are ashamed of, things that we shouldn't know or things that we did. Even hiding ones true self from the world for fear of being ridiculed or worse. We all hide things of varying degrees for different reasons.
I hide my secret because it could get me killed.
I wouldn't say I'm anything out of the ordinary. Light brown eyes, darker brown hair, 6 feet tall, average weight, did well in school, friendly to others. I sound like a normal person with…not many things to hide, which is true, if you exclude the fact that I'm a werewolf.
I know. I know. It sounds crazy or at least funny from a scientific point of view. A werewolf? Really?
Yeah. A werewolf.
A quadruped wolf with the instincts of a wild, meat eating carnivore and the intelligence of a human being. Something that could easily hunt
:iconblackwolfds:BlackWolfDS 11 6
A Dragon's Trust
They say when one of the great beasts dies, it sheds a tear of utter despair, and that its emotions gather and disappear with its soul forever. 
    But when a dragon dies, its soul is transferred into its heart of hearts. 
A dragon's heart of hearts is a stone that is said to exist within the dragon's chamber of fire. 
    This stone is earned through a beautiful and rich trust between a dragon and its trusted companion. 
The dragon opens its jaws wide and lets the trusted companion reach in and grasp the stone.
    Upon touching the stone, the trusted companion is said to feel the energies of the universe. 
When the dragon dies, it keeps living on in the stone, and the dragon's magic may be used by the holder's desire.
    He, who is in possession of the heart of hearts, not only possesses the soul of the dragon but the dragon's powerful magic.
Magic that exists
:iconfatalitydragonrider:Fatalitydragonrider 10 27
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Sweet nightmare
Sweet lord of Nightmare
My beloved darkest shade in the dark
I write this
To beg of thee
Come to my bed tonight
Hover over my bed
Let thy shade fall upon my sleeping form
Let its darkness creep in to my dreams
Let them transform
Into sweet nightmares
Let my worst fears unleash
Allow my world to collide
Break the walls I have build
Twist my mind
My whole being
In fear
Let me wake up
Covered in sweat
Only to let my wide eyes see
The shadows under my bed
Standing over me
Creeping along your everlasting shade
As your hand caress
The outskirts of my mind
Lulling me
In to the sweet embrace
Of fear
I beg
Bring me
A sweet
:iconfralle-chan:Fralle-chan 6 0
Random pictures and pieces of artwork around dA that captivate Me


Bane or Wolf
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a Sadist, independent, a staunch defender of My family and friends, opinionated, and capable of making decisions that would cause others to falter. On the flip side, I'm emotional, loyal, loving, and a sensation freak who can and will cry at anything that reminds Me of My son.

Current Residence: My Den
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXL
Favourite genre of music: Stuff I like
Favourite style of art: Whatever moves Me
MP3 player of choice: One that works
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Wallpaper of choice: Pictures of My son
Skin of choice: My own
Personal Quote: If you don't add to My life, you take away from it... And I don't need you anyway. <AND> Don't ask for what you're not willing to give.

Fairy Tail Endings...

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 21, 2015, 11:02 AM
Well, after almost a year, the young man I've been dating decided that no communication was the safest way to go. By the time he mustered up the courage to say anything about what was ultimately bothering him, it was too late (in HIS eyes) for anything to be corrected. So, in one fell swoop, he removed my choice, as well as my chance to rectify those things that were such grievous missteps.


He had already stacked up another female to run to.


What is it with the men in my life being cheaters???

For fuck's sake...

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